BUILDING ON ADVANTAGE - Improving Canada’s trade infrastructure
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BUILDING ON ADVANTAGE - Improving Canada’s trade infrastructure

6 May 2022


One of the key elements that contributed to There is much to like about the NBCP generally, and the success of the previous suite of federal the NIC component in particular. [...] In fact, the only major infrastructure project either underway or on the horizon that is Port Metro Vancouver assumed the full cost of the truly national, in that it directly touches a majority recent $400-million expansion of the port and of the provinces, is the Energy East Pipeline Project. [...] Innovation has that the private sector is a proven catalyst for been shown to be an important contributor to innovation in the development and operation of the efficiency and hence competitiveness of the trade infrastructure. [...] In terms of electricity, of the impacts and opportunities in the Canada-EU Manitoba has the potential to increase its supply of agreement with the planning work done at the national clean, lower-cost hydro-electricity to the U. [...] The upcoming Canada Transportation Review and management also offers an opportunity to underscore the issue of capacity building as part of a call to action for all As the principal funder, owner and user of levels of government and the private sector.

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