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Malawi IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Report - February 2022

19 May 2022


In particular, the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity classification provides: • Differentiation between severities of chronic food insecurity, which are differentiated by size and duration of gaps in quality (micro-nutrients) and quantity (energy) of dietary intake; • Estimations of the population in different severity levels of persistent food insecurity, even in the absence of exceptional circumstance. [...] the population lives infrastructure, crops, or inadequate The districts in the Northern Region had the lowest total below the country’s and livestock and implementation of population classified as being in IPC CFI Level 4. [...] While monetary poverty is one of the crucial elements consider in the CFI analysis, the complexity of the socio-economic context offers numerous additional parametres that must be factored in while detecting CFI, such as formal and informal safety nets, the importance of subsistance farming in granting access to food also to the poorest segment, market integration as one element that may at times. [...] The duration of food intake deficits in quantity and quality over the course of a year helps in determining the severity of chronic food insecurity. [...] Agricultural Productivity • The Government’s recent changes to the Livestock Development Policy, which includes the development of the Livestock Policy 2021-2026 that supports the policy paradigm shift to increase and complement efforts to commercialize the smallholder sector, are laudable.