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16 May 2022


Tim Lenton says that In 2012, James Hansen warned of scientists’ fear the evidence from tipping points alone “suggests about the Arctic and the cascading of tipping points that we are in a state of planetary emergency: triggered in the Arctic: “Our greatest concern is that both the risk and urgency of the situation are acute… loss of Arctic sea ice creates a grave threat of passing If damaging tip. [...] The study presented multiple lines of the glacier’s flow and ice discharge, possibly heralding evidence, incorporating 40 years of observations that the collapse of the glacier itself, and triggering similar indicate the glaciers in the Amundsen Sea sector “have increases across the Amundsen Sea glaciers. [...] We have mapped [the] that the retreat of ice in the Amundsen sea sector pathway the fractures might take through the ice [and of West Antarctica was unstoppable, with major conclude] the final collapse of Thwaites Glacier’s last consequences… its disappearance will likely trigger remaining ice shelf may be initiated … within as little as the collapse of the rest of the West Antarctic ice sheet, fi. [...] shows that the will allow more warm water to penetrate under the the Pope, Smith and Kohler glaciers in the Amundsen ice sheet, helping to free the underbelly of the glacier Sea embayment of West Antarctica have experienced from the grounding line rock underneath, and allowing enhanced ocean-induced ice-shelf melt, glacier water to flow into the deep basin under the glacier, acceleration, ice thin. [...] Ice shelves act as Richard Alley, a world-leading Penn State University a “plug” that buttresses and slow the rate at which glaciologist, says that the most likely place to generate glaciers drain into the ocean, so the loss or diminution the worst-case scenario is Thwaites, warning that of the ice shelf will accelerate the pace of glacier “even six feet of sea level rise by 2100 is not the moveme.