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Safeguarding the Global Commons for human prosperity and environmental sustainability

17 May 2022


The breach of the planetary boundaries and the destruction The complementarity of intergovernmental mechanisms and of the Global Commons are deeply rooted in the prevailing multistakeholder coalitions in the global fight against climate economic system, which is based on linear production, change may be the most promising mechanism for effective consumption and disposal patterns, without adequate. [...] making direct and indirect impacts transparent (e.g., using the Global All components of the GCSI—the GCS Commons Stewardship (GCS) Index); Index, the PIK/Earth Commission modeling monitoring the progress of system exercise and the results of the Systems transformations (e.g., through the Change Lab—herald the same message: the Systems Change Lab); and supporting speed and scale of progress on sys. [...] 16 Other components of the Global Commons Stewardship Initiative In addition to the Global Commons Stewardship Framework, the GCSI is pursuing the following initiatives (each work is also presented in a separate document): • The GCS Index—compiled by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and the Center for Global Commons at the Univers. [...] The next iteration of the Index will improve both the quality and the granularity of the data; and the GCSI will assess practices and policies that could effectively mitigate spillovers and assure Global Commons stewardship. [...] And necessary change is happening across four global frameworks such as the United Nations broad transformations that are critical for Framework Convention on Climate Change safeguarding the Global Commons, and is (UNFCCC) and the UN Convention on being tracked by the Systems Change Lab:c c These four transformations are aligned with transformations to achieve the SDGs and the objectives of the Pa.