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ESTAG list of experts, 2022-23 NATIONAL EXPERTS:

31 March 2022


Jean Louis Rossi, Professor and coordinator of the risk modeling research group part of the project “Fire” of the University of Corte 4. [...] Alexander Siegmund, Professor of Physical Geography and its Didactics at the Heidelberg University of Education and Honorary Professor of Geography at the University of Heidelberg 6. [...] I currently coordinate the Office for technical & scientific activities for risk prediction and prevention of the Italian National Civil Protection Department, of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. [...] Elena Arefyeva is Chief researcher of the All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (Emercom of Russia). [...] Alexander Siegmund is professor of Physical Geography and chair holder of the UNESCO Chair on Observation and Education of World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve at the Heidelberg University of Education.