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Disinformation and Russia-Ukrainian War on Canadian Social Media

7 June 2022


Figure 2 presents the frequency of these narratives within the pro- Russia communities in the time leading up to and immediately following the beginning of the invasion. [...] CONCLUSIONS The framing of pro-Russian discourse on Canadian Twitter focuses largely on the role and actions of NATO and its member states, with little regard to the actions of Ukrainians, Ukraine, or the actual events occurring in the war. [...] 7 About the Authors Jean-Christophe Boucher is an Assistant Professor at the School of Public Policy and at the department of political science at the University of Calgary. [...] 8 ABOUT THE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY The School of Public Policy has become the flagship school of its kind in Canada by providing a practical, global and focused perspective on public policy analysis and practice in areas of energy and environmental policy, international policy and economic and social policy that is unique in Canada. [...] The mission of The School of Public Policy is to strengthen Canada’s public service, institutions and economic performance for the betterment of our families, communities and country.