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The Loss and Damage Finance Facility - Why and How - Executive Summary

26 May 2022


the establishment and operationalization of an LDFF that delivers on the needs of developing countries Functions at speed and scale by explaining the why and how. [...] Whilst the Santiago frameworks and transformative programming Network for L&D will catalyse technical assistance (such as for permanent relocation and addressing to implement the functions of the WIM, the LDFF the loss of culture, language etc.). [...] As an operating entity of the Financial Mechanism Access modalities it should be accountable to the Conference of the Parties (COP) and Conference of the Parties serving The LDFF should provide simplified access to funding, as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement allowing for both international access (through (CMA) as well as the WIM and function under their international entities) a. [...] from the LDFF, irrespective of a potential contribution to the LDFF and its scale, to cover economic and non- How can the LDFF be delivered? economic losses and damages. [...] administrative, financial and technical expertise ■ In its third year – the full operationalization and serving and accountable to the decision- of the LDFF, with finance starting to flow to making body.