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ECO - A SIMPLE MESSAGE: ACTION - Don’t Miss the Global Stocktake’s

9 June 2022


plenary for the GST, and to be part of the so-called The ultimate goal of the Global Stocktake is to Roundtables, and the “World Café,” and all the events deliver needed increases in ambition to meet the goals of around the technical dialogue in the coming days. [...] This is the only way to ensure the safety of in the Global Stocktake. [...] Both sector-specific technical phase with these dialogues, is a critical, can’t- and forward-looking exchanges during the dialogue will afford-to-miss opportunity to fix this cycle and ensure the be great inputs for the political discussions that are still world meets the goals of the Paris Agreement. [...] as a British journalist and a former federal indigenous This is why Brazil’s elections are likely the most protection agent have been missing in the depths of the important climate event of 2022 after the catastrophic Amazon jungle for four days – and the Bolsonaro regime invasion of Ukraine. [...] The president has called the world rush to the cozy lure of fossil fuels to escape the the journalistic investigation into the violation of indigenous energy crisis, it would be nice to have a big emitter back rights, that led reporter Dom Phillips into the rainforest, “an at the table with a new president and a plan to tackle unnecessary adventure”.