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ECO - TURN YOUR WORDS INTO ACTION - Ocean Action is Climate Action

8 June 2022


Editorial: Andres Fuentes Production: Verity Martin Ocean Action is Climate Action The ocean is the greatest unsung climate hero - it is the largest Climate change acts as a threat multiplier to the oceans - it ecosystem on the planet and the most important carbon sink. [...] protecting and managing key species such as whales and fish; we need Keeping the ocean’s ecosystems functions intact to maintain its to integrate and strengthen ocean-based action in existing agenda power to mitigate and adapt to climate change protects the livelihoods items and request the relevant Constituted Bodies of the UNFCCC to of millions of people around the globe living in coastal commun. [...] ECO found the presentations of efforts supported by the their first choice and the only reason they agreed to it at COP26, was World Bank, the GCF and the CREWS initiative quite interesting, but they under the condition that the Dialogue would lead to the creation of a primarily focus on minimizing loss and damage and leave aside the bulk Loss & Damage facility at COP27. [...] There is a wealth of expertise within reminding you that three of these six elements - the right to access to and outside the UNFCCC among Parties and non-Party stakeholders information, the right to participation and the right to environmental who can inform each other’s work and ensure that procedural rights education - are internationally recognized human rights. [...] The operationalization of the swiftly moved to adopt the new Glasgow work programme on Action linkage between ACE and human rights requires the ACE Action Plan for Climate Empowerment without any reference to a “human rights- to address the situation of those working to demand climate action by based approach”.