6. What are the toxicological effects of mercury in Arctic biota? Introduction e-pri
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6. What are the toxicological effects of mercury in Arctic biota? Introduction e-pri

26 May 2022


It also In order to address the question “What are the toxicological draws on a comparative assessment conducted for the Baltic effects of mercury (Hg) in Arctic biota?”, this chapter builds on region for some fish, bivalve, marine mammal and bird species the recent assessment of the risk of toxicological effects to Arctic that also range into the Arctic (Dietz et al., 2021). [...] the micropathogen composition towards higher virulence (Price et The number of these chemicals are in the hundreds of thousands al., 2019) and the combination of this and an impaired immune and and vary as a function of location, space and time. [...] The organic MeHg in the blood In general, the adverse health effects of exposure to chemical and the muscle has the potential of crossing the blood-brain mixtures and the associated cumulative effects are poorly barrier (BBB), thereby resulting in higher toxicity as shown understood, including in Arctic biota (AMAP, 2018). [...] Individuals in six of 3.4% and 2.3% of the individuals in the MRC, respectively, and the 20 polar bear groups from which data are presented had fi ve out of seven of the groups in the two highest risk categories concentrations in the SRC. [...] In the remaining eight bears from three populations in the central and northeastern groups, all individuals were in the two lowest risk categories; of Canadian Arctic, had concentrations in the SRC, namely bears these, 100% of individuals in the juvenile and adult groups from from the Viscount Melville Sound (30%), Norwegian Bay (8.0%), the Chukchi Sea were in the NRC.

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