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Virtual Intersessional Governing Council Meeting by correspondence, May 2022

24 May 2022


In particular, we plan on examining the influence of climate variability and change on trophic linkages and, ultimately, the distribution and abundance of MBMs in the North Pacific. [...] SmartNet is the primary venue for ICES and PICES to play a leading role in advancing and communicating scientific understanding of marine ecosystems for societal outcomes in support of UNDOS; to bring together diverse networks to increase capacity to conduct ocean science in support of sustainable development; and to foster the range of skills necessary to support broad and overarching marine scie. [...] SmartNet will support and leverage ICES, PICES, and member countries’ priorities and initiatives related to UNDOS, by emphasizing areas of mutual research interest and policy needs, including climate change, fisheries and ecosystem-based management, social, ecological and environmental dynamics of marine systems, coastal communities and human dimensions, and communication and capacity development. [...] Develop recommendations for new and existing PICES Expert Groups to implement and maintain SmartNet and UN Ocean Decade activities, and encourage and support Expert Group participation in all aspects of the UN Ocean Decade. [...] AP-UNDOS will be the primary body to facilitate PICES engagement with the UN Decade of Ocean Science through the lifetime of the Decade.