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15 June 2022


We examined how 78.3% of girls who were the social exclusion of adolescents from sexual and reproduc- married at the time of their tive health and rights information and services increases their pregnancy described % their pregnancy as vulnerability to early and unintended pregnancy and its conse- 78.3 wanted, only 15.7% % quences. [...] METHODS 86.1% of those out We conducted a quantitative survey of 980 pregnant and of school at the time %of their pregnancy 86.1 parenting adolescents and qualitative interviews with 24 preg- wanted it compared % nant and parenting girls, eight adolescent fathers, 17 parents/ to only 13.9% of 13.9those still in school. [...] Similarly, 86.1% of those out of school at Pregnant and parenting the time of their pregnancy wanted it compared to only 13.9% 980 adolescents of those still in school. [...] Out of those who had attended school, 9.7% were aware of the Burki- of the girls never na Faso school re-entry policy, and 18.4% were currently in school. [...] So searches for the right words] in the school generally, some of them don’t come to school anymore (...)” these students drop out during the year to avoid the (respondent) mockery of their peers.” (Senior high school counsel- lor, male) KEY RECOMMENDATIONS Based on the study findings and feedback from stakeholders, including pregnant and parenting adolescent girls, government partners, and civil.