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14 June 2022


This unique reporting and verification process makes REN21 a globally recognised data and knowledge broker. [...] REN21 reports that carry the *REN21 Crowd-Sourced Knowledge and Data* stamp verify that this collaborative process was applied: Developing data collection methods that build on a global multi-stakeholder community of experts from diverse sectors, enabling access to dispersed data and CROW information that frequently are not consolidated and are difficult to collect. [...] Complementing and validating data and information in an open peer-review process. [...] Using validated data and information to provide fact-based evidence and to develop a supportive narrative to shape the sectoral, regional or global debate on the energy transition, monitor advancements and inform decision processes. [...] 3 RENEWABLES 2022 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 4 RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICY NETWORK FOR THE 21st CENTURY REN21 is the only global community of actors from science, governments, NGOs and industry working collectively to drive the rapid uptake of renewables – now! REN21 works to build knowledge, shape dialogue and debate and communicate these results to inform decision-makers to strategically drive the deep tr.