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All over the place - Perspectives on local economic prosperity

6 June 2022


The work of the Inquiry will be brought together in a final report in 2023 that will set out a renewed economic strategy for the UK to enable the country to successfully navigate the decade ahead, with proposals to drive strong, sustainable and equitable growth, and significant improvements to people’s living standards and well-being. [...] For most people, the contribution their town or city had made to the national economy in the past was a source of pride and identity, and, having been economically productive in the past, 10 See, for example: M Carmona, The existential crisis of traditional shopping streets: The sun model and the place attraction paradigm, Journal of Urban Design, Vol 27(1), 2022. [...] (Scarborough) I think with the change of everything that came with the pandemic is that there’s a hell of a lot now that are hybrid, you don’t have to go to the office, don’t have to be in a particular place… I’ve never seen as many jobs available as there is at the moment where I can apply for them. [...] But in Hull, there was more ambivalence towards the idea of young people leaving the area and a stronger sense that there should be enough on offer in a place of its size for people not to have to leave in order to achieve a better standard of living. [...] despite being City of Culture in 2017, some upgrading to its shops, and the arrival of new high-end employers like Siemens, this had not been sufficient to create the critical mass needed to effect the change to the local economy they wanted to see.