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BRIEFING - Pressure points - Where, and how, to focus Government support

25 May 2022


That was confirmed by the Chief Executive of Ofgem yesterday, who warned policy makers and the public to expect typical energy bills to rise to £2,800 in the Autumn – more than double the £1,277 level of the energy price cap at the same time last year. [...] Resolution Foundation Pressure points | Where, and how, to focus Government support for households facing 3 surging energy bills • The unprecedented scale of the crisis to come, and the degree to which support has not been targeted at poorer households to date, means that the Chancellor will need to announce a signifi. [...] Because benefits will still be lower in real-terms in 2023-24 (because the April 2023 benefit uprating won’t reflect the October 2022 rise in the energy price cap), further support is likely necessary in the future too – although that may be better delivered by increasing the size of the uprating in April 2023. [...] Although a perfect matching of support to energy bills is not available to the Government, it could craft a system of one-off payments that reflects some of the more obvious differences between types of households that are related to energy usage. [...] As homes is the key task facing the UK’s Figure 8 shows, the phase of ECO that net zero transition during the 2020s, was due to start on 1 April is relatively delays to the new phase of the Energy well-targeted at older and poorer Company Obligation scheme (now the households, who are more likely to be only widespread policy to help lower- facing fuel stress.