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Growing clean - Identifying and investing in sustainable growth opportunities across the UK

30 May 2022


The authors are grateful for support from the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and from the ESRC through the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy. [...] Revealed Technological Advantage Our measure of the UK’s RTA in a a country is specialised in a particular particular technology class measures area.15 This offers a proxy measure of the share of all UK patents in that the areas in which the UK is relatively class, divided by the share of all global more innovative, and where advantages patents that same technology class. [...] the product-to-country level, as the The focus is on ‘green’ products, which average proximity of a product to all are classified based on lists from the the products that a country has RCA APEC, the OECD and the WTO which in. [...] Investments in clean technologies within the ‘golden triangle’, on the other hand, generate returns in the rest of the country, and this is also the case in other broad technology areas – highlighting the wider benefits of strong innovation clusters. [...] We split the UK into two broad regions: the Golden Triangle (which includes London, Oxford and Cambridge and is home to a disproportionate share of the UK’s R&D activity), and the rest of the country.34 For each of these broad regions, we calculate the economic returns to investments in innovation within that region that are retained in the region, and those that are felt in the other region.