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Request for Proposals Strong Cities Network Rebrand and Website

7 June 2022


Description, Purpose, and Objectives The Strong Cities Network (hereinafter SCN or the Network) is seeking to engage a branding and website development team to support our efforts to refresh our brand architecture and visual identity, and to develop a fresh and engaging website, under our existing URL: [...] While the SCN Management Unit will be the final decision-maker, we are looking for a firm who will drive the creative and development processes to deadline and budget, forecast challenges and considerations we may not have thought of, and use its expertise and experience to guide us toward our aims. [...] 1/8 Our new strategic plan and forward vision, to be reflected in and catalysed through this project, includes a new structure for our International Steering Committee with the addition of three thematic Working Groups, and the establishment of new Regional Hubs in East and Southern Africa; the Middle East and North Africa; South Asia; West Africa; and the Weste. [...] SCN Website The new website will integrate an interactive map, as a central element of the website’s architecture and visual identity to reinforce the network’s global nature and reach; we would welcome proposals that utilise an interactive map element to showcase/demonstrate SCN’s value-add for current and future members and partners, and cataylse our global mission. [...] The new website will reflect and demonstrate the Network’s theory of change in action and provide SCN and Network Members with a cohesive and inspiring brand identity, including: • unpacking and demonstrating the synergy and throughlines of SCN workstreams, which inter alia: o connect members, sub-national leaders, and practitioners o inspire and catalyse locally-led policies and programming to pr.