PASSION. PURPOSE. PROGRESS. Safeguarding nature today, for tomorrow.
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PASSION. PURPOSE. PROGRESS. Safeguarding nature today, for tomorrow.

25 April 2022


For these young people, the expeditions make for a At CPAWS Ottawa Valley, we are working to create a memorable start to the program, provide an opportunity to protected area around the Noire, Coulonge, and Dumoine bond with each other, learn about conservation issues in the rivers, so we bring people out to the rivers to see the magic region and discuss ideas for different activities they could f. [...] almost 14% of Canada’s ocean is protected and the country is committed to protecting 25% by 2025 and 30% by 2030 to MPA networks that meet these four design criteria are more address the impacts of the dual crises of biodiversity loss and resilient and adaptable to the impacts of climate change. [...] The next key step in the process is the release of the action plan for public consultation, which was expected in the fall of 2021, but has yet to happen. [...] This proposed NMCA reflects a new form of preservation that conserves biological diversity, harnesses the power of nature in mitigating climate change, and emphasizes the importance of Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous Air boat travels on the waters of the Saskatchewan River Delta. [...] In the Fall of 2021, SNAP Québec celebrated its 20th anniversary and its victories through the years for the protection of nature, such as the protection of the Moisie River, Tursujuq National Park, the Chic-Chocs Mountains, the Groulx-Uapishka Mountains, the critical habitat of the Chorus Frog, the Banc-des-Américains and many more.

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