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Health in the climate emergency: a global perspective

24 May 2022


monitoring, surveillance and assessment of However, to be successful, greater political health impacts and their attribution to climate attention to the health effects of climate change and in the evaluation of policies and change and the health benefits of mitigation interventions. [...] During 2021 and 2022, there and there is considerable concern that the has been increasing awareness of climate health of future generations is being put at change, for example in terms of extreme heat, risk to realise economic and development wildfires, storms and flooding, and of the gains in the present. [...] 14 | May 2022 | Health in the climate emergency IAP 2 Design and conduct of the IAP climate change and health project Summary of emerging points in chapter 2 The scope and design of the IAP Climate Change and Health project are described. [...] Four policy areas are the focus of the project: (1) the impacts of climate change on health; (2) the benefits of a ‘low-carbon’ economy; (3) adaptation to climate change and its limits; and (4) the potential effects on health of interacting policies coupled with the challenges of implementation of climate actions. [...] There are multiple interacting pathways for the effects of climate change on health and, as with other health risks, the frequency, magnitude and distribution of the risk depend on the nature of the hazard, the level of exposure to the hazard, and on individual/community vulnerability.