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Assessment of IRCC Settlement Service Impacts - Stage 1 Research Report

7 June 2022


The research team decided to conduct service usage and pathway analysis based on the broad service category instead of the detailed service content for the first stage of the project. [...] PROFILES OF PARTICIPANTS AND NON-PARTICIPANTS: SIMPLE COMPARISON The following are the simple comparisons of the participants and the non-participants in the 2014 cohort of newcomers. [...] In our analysis we focus on the characteristics that might influence a newcomer’s probability of accessing the services and may affect the choice of the services they use, based on the findings in the literature and our previous experience. [...] The results of the regression show us the relation between each characteristic and the probability of participating in services/using a particular service while accounting for the possible effects of other characteristics. [...] Unfortunately, even though the data include information of the service content and the intensity of information and orientation sessions, the complexity of the content and intensity can be difficult to discern without more detailed information.