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V.S. Seshadri - Volume VII, Issue 26

21 June 2022


DPG is deeply committed to the growth of India’s national power and purpose, the security and prosperity of the people of India and India’s contributions to the global public good. [...] Even on vaccines, the agreed deal is limited to easing the procedures for WTO developing country members to avail of the compulsory licensing route in respect of patents on necessary ingredients and processes for making the vaccine. [...] To undertake reform of all the functions of the WTO to address the challenges it is facing. [...] The work is to be undertaken by the WTO General Council and its subsidiary bodies, is to be member driven, and appropriate decisions are to be submitted to ministerial conference. [...] It could also be said that in the wake of several global developments, including COVID-19 and the Ukraine crisis, which have adversely affected international trade in so many different ways, and in the context that the WTO itself had become fractured and dysfunctional in recent years, and that the normally biennial Ministerial was being held after five years, a successful outcome of the meeting wa.