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India’s Booming Gig and Platform Economy - Perspectives and Recommendations on

25 June 2022


The study highlights the employment generation potential of the gig and platform economy as jobs in this sector have low-entry barriers and cater to the needs and aspirations of workers with varying degrees of skill sets, including women, youth and Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). [...] On the basis of the estimates undertaken and a review of literature and best practices, recommendations are made for future estimates of workforce in the sector, policies for promoting business and employment generation in the sector, enhancing the inclusiveness of jobs in the sector, particularly for women and PwDs, preparing the workforce for employment in the sector through platform-led skill d. [...] Given the rapid growth and growing significance of the platform economy, it becomes imperative to undertake a systematic quantitative assessment of the current size and job generation potential and suggest policy measures for boosting employment opportunities in this sector.  The key objectives of this study are estimating the size of the workforce engaged in the gig and platform economy, highligh. [...] The study presents recommenda- avenues to different categories of tions for estimating employment Introduction | 5 India’s Booming Gig and Platform Economy: Perspectives and Recommendations on the Future of Work in the gig and platform economy, included in the analysis. [...] OVERVIEW OF THE STUDY Chapter 3: Technology Diffusion This report presents findings from the and Democratisation of Jobs investigation into the following aspects of This chapter unpacks the concepts of what is broadly termed the gig and platform platformization and the platform economy in economy, arranged thematically in various detail.