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Potential Expansion of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC):

11 June 2022


The issue of reducing Europe's 40% dependence on Russian gas and Europe's search for alternative energy sources and the expansion of the Southern Gas Corridor, one of the largest gas export projects to Europe, are on the agenda. [...] The goal of the Southern Gas Corridor project is to develop the second phase of the Shah Deniz gas condensate field, initially to export natural gas to Turkey and Southern Europe via the expanded South Caucasus Pipeline, TANAP, and TAP. [...] In addition, the Shah Deniz Phase 2 project, the second phase of the full-scale development of the Shah Deniz project, is a huge project that will deliver Azerbaijani gas to Southeast Europe and Turkey, increasing energy security by supplying gas to European markets through the Southern Gas Corridor. [...] Azerbaijani Gas as Alternative to Russian Gas for EU As stated in the introduction, the Southern Gas Corridor is the only way to deliver Azerbaijani gas directly to Europe and it promotes the economic development of both Azerbaijan and the transit countries. [...] The route of the Southern Gas Corridor Source: Southern Gas Corridor17 The branch of the Southern Gas Corridor to Europe is the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.