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Roundtable on India-Africa Relations in a Post-Pandemic World - Research and Information System

27 June 2022


Professor Banik also stated that the reputation of India of being the pharmacy of the world is of enormous importance, given the pandemic and the situation. [...] The International Solar Alliance is a very good platform in this regard and he added that many African countries have signed on to it In the field of education, he said, with increasing pace of internet in the continent, it should be possible to have virtual classrooms, and called upon private and public sector firms to come together to reach out to African students to take part in a wide range of. [...] While in past the cooperation has been mainly in the hydrocarbon sector, and given the fact that India is an energy deficit country, Africa has been able to provide India with support in terms of diminishing this gap, and Nigeria is one of the biggest supporter in that context. [...] During the pandemic, India joined hands with the African countries in trying to reduce the inequity in the access of medicines and vaccine shows the importance of cooperation among the Global South. [...] India being one of the forerunners in carrying out the flag of SSC cannot afford to ignore the pluralities of the African continent.