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How does/will climate change impact your life and your community? (Hint: If you are not sure, check out resources like and the New York Times Climate Threats map!)

4 February 2022


For this project, you will get to be a researcher collecting data in your community, just like the researchers at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication who gathered data for the Yale Climate Opinion Maps. [...] What percentage of people that you interview do you think will answer “Yes” to each question? For example, if you have selected the question “Global warming is happening,” your hypothesis might be that “70% of the people I interview will believe that global warming is happening because I live in a community where we are already feeling the impacts of global warming.” Hypothesis for question 1: ___. [...] If you click or hover your mouse over your county, you will see the percentage of people in your county who agree with the question. [...] Record this percentage for your county in the table below: Your community Question Your county Your state Whole country (your own data!) Global warming is 80% 70% 70% 67% happening 8 CLIMATE CHANGE COMMUNICATION INVESTIGATION STUDENT PAGE 8 Graph the data for one (or more) of the questions so you can compare your results to your county, state, and country’s results. [...] _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 10 Are you surprised by how the data you collected compares to the YCOM data you found about your county, state, and country? Why or why not? __________.