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CLIMATE CHANGE COMMUNICATION INVESTIGATION - Conduct authentic research about local public climate change perceptions.

25 November 2021


The interactive and up-to-date nature of this tool makes it a perfect model for students to manipulate in order to explore beliefs around climate change both locally and nationally. [...] They will then compare their data to YCOM data and identify changes they could make to their own studies to improve the reliability of their data. [...] Ultimately, the Climate Change Communication Investigation activity integrates science, math, and civics to help students learn how science works and how their community thinks about climate change. [...] If you are unable to have your students conduct a survey, you can have students use the sample data on the following page. [...] Students will be asked to identify those sources of error when comparing their data to YCOM data, so it is important that they have a solid understanding of what sources of error are and how to address them to improve the reliability of experimental results.