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4 July 2022


The extensive and appropriate use of ICTs in the agricultural sector can result in the growth of a country’s economy and consequently lead to poverty reduction; it can help identify and find solutions to some of the many problems in the agricultural sector. [...] The emergence of Covid-19 pandemic has generally increased the use of ICTs; hence, the study will assess the use and impacts of ICTs before and during the pandemic. [...] The data covered demographics and socioeconomic characteristics, ICT tools used by the intermediaries, level of digital skills of intermediaries, limitations on the use of ICTs and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the use of ICT among intermediaries. [...] The remaining 41% of the respondents mentioned the following benefits of ICT use in their activities: Increase the network of producers and agro-output dealers; empower women, jointly develop innovations, and adapt innovations to the needs of group members. [...] This study analysed the use of ICTs by intermediaries in the agricultural sector in Ghana with the view to understanding how the use of ICTs affected the ability of intermediaries in the sector to perform their professional activities and improve their businesses.