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4 July 2022


The questions asked during the interviews were mainly about the company and its history, the organization of production and marketing, its growth indicators, the success factors, the role of innovations in the company’s success, its growth opportunities, the main constraints facing the company and finally the prospects for the production and marketing of poultry products. [...] The main negative factors are as follow: • Lack of a reliable information system on the mapping and characteristics of the different types of actors, production, productivity, cost of chicks, poultry meat, eggs; • Weakness of the mode of intervention of the Department of Veterinary Services and Department of Livestock in the Ministry in charge of livestock; • The limited presence of public and pri. [...] The implementation of this plan became effective and a part of the indicators of the scoreboard prepared by the BOS/PSE for each Council of Ministers for the execution of flagship projects and reforms of the PES (poultry and milk component). [...] According to the government, four major reforms explained the improvement: “the separation of tax payment and declaration procedures, the reform of taxes on the contribution to the local economy, the reform of the Commercial Court and the reform of investor protection”. [...] The production performance, the quality of the products supplied, as well as the prices of the output depended essentially on the price and quality of the inputs used by the farms.