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11 July 2022


Professor John Dupré has welcomed the fact that, in accordance with recommendations from the Nuffield Council, ‘no changes are to be made to the regulation of this technology for animals prior to the development of regulations to protect animal welfare.’ The Bill applies to England only as agricultural policy is devolved and the Scottish and Welsh governments prefer to remain aligned to EU standar. [...] CROSS- Summary: In June 2022 the government Impact: The UK government is seeking to fundamentally and Timeline/region: The Bill is CUTTING introduced the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill unilaterally rewrite the terms of an international treaty it currently making its way which, it says, is designed to fix parts of the signed up to in 2019, disregarding many of the obligations through Parliament and. [...] The Institute for Government has laid out the various legal • The jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of routes the EU could pursue in response to the Bill – if and the EU (CJEU) would be removed (as when it becomes law – if it considers the UK to have breached would the right of EU representatives to the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. [...] PRODUCT Summary: In June 2022 the UK government Impact: The series of easements reduces some of the Timeline/region: The UKCA STANDARDS decided to introduce ‘easements’ to the process bureaucracy around the transition to the UKCA mark, and mark applies to GB and will of obtaining the new ‘UKCA’ product safety they have been welcomed by business groups, while also be mandatory from 2023. [...] ROAD Summary: In April 2022 the UK government Impact: The UK government argues that the long term rollout Timeline/region: The first TRANSPORT announced forthcoming changes to the Highway of self-driving technology could improve road safety - as authorisations for the use of Code to allow the ‘first wave’ of driverless human error is a factor in 88% of recorded road collisions - autonomous vehicle.