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4 July 2022


The functions and operations of the Services, Greg Pearce, released the NSW WorkCover Authority.4 Workers Compensation Scheme Issues Paper, The eight-member Select Committee was which compared the NSW scheme with other predominantly composed of Government jurisdictions and called for urgent action to stem members and supporters.5 The Committee was the perceived financial failure of the system.2 gu. [...] Reduce the high regulatory burden and make it simple for injured workers, employers, and Unsurprisingly, the primary objective of service providers to navigate the system, and the legislation was to improve the financial viability and sustainability of the NSW workers 7. [...] The Committee was tasked financial disincentives for not returning to work with inquiring into and reporting on the if the worker was assessed to have some work following: capacity.10 It’s Broken Workers’ Compensation in New South Wales Since 2012 13 Additionally, the Safety, Return to Work and The 2014 review Support Board Bill 2012 (NSW) was established in response to the report from the Joint S. [...] and subsequent system changes, and there is The review of the workers compensation more than enough data to adequately assess scheme undertook, as part of its terms of the impact and validity of the reforms, and reference, to supervise the operation of whether or not they have improved the system the insurance and compensation schemes insofar as their seven identified principles of established und. [...] The doctors are scared of the insurers, I have lost over $750,000 in wages and super because of being hurt at work and I didn't receive any money for the constant pain I am in and the days I can't work because my body doesn't work but I will not go near workers compensation the way I was treated I live with hatred of the system and hate keeps me going! Yes the system in run by the insurance compan.