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12 July 2022


The New Urban Agenda (NUA) While the SDGs focus on what the world needs to achieve, the New Urban Agenda focuses on how to achieve it and offers an integrated way to scale impact and fast-track acceleration towards the SDGs.2 The New Urban Agenda is also key to the fulfilment of the goals and targets of other agendas, all of which have important urban and territorial dimensions. [...] The objective of this Each entry in this Catalogue is classified through tags second edition of the Catalogue of Services is to provide based on the following topics to allow for ease of use: its readers with comprehensive solutions calibrated to the present challenges of urban areas across the world The Sustainable Development Goals: Each and across the urban-rural continuum. [...] UN-Habitat’s Quick Participatory Mapping methodology to collect primary data aimed at evaluating and monitoring Duration of support: The exact approach deployed and the coverage and quality of urban infrastructure and timeframe for support to a city can vary and depends services (e.g., urban and construction regularization, on the specific context (e.g., size of the city), needs, infrastructure fo. [...] Furthermore, this agreement will bring onboard different perspectives and experiences, which has already contributed to our decision-making and to the promotion of more assertive public policies for the people of Alagoas.” Fabrício Marques Secretary for Planning and Management of the Government of the State of Alagoas, discussing the use of socioeconomic profiles. [...] Two and a weeks and involves carrying out a municipal staff and local stakeholders collect the necessary information on half days are dedicated to presenting baseline assessment of the identified to key concepts related to urban risk the resilience challenges and and analysing the collected priority issues for building the city and resilience.