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3 July 2022


shape the environment in which decisions The precise model of delivery will differ are made: national and local politicians, civil from place to place – and over the course servants, financiers and planners, as well of course as the property owners, commercial of the project we have heard about many inspiring schemes, from Hastings and not-for-profit tenants, and community Commons and Bywater’s Sm. [...] Various challenges including affordable, secure property is one of the relationships, dialogue and trust between the rising cost of living, the decline of biggest barriers to starting and growing.¹ stakeholders, made more complex by significant parts of the high street and retail misaligned incentives and needs. [...] It makes sense from a new ‘anchor’ and bring vibrancy to the high here [in taking on the head lease of assets local community leaders to a ‘Placemaking business perspective – by bringing vibrancy and footfall to the area, the residential street. [...] The next step is to between social enterprises, creatives, adopt and develop alternative ownership and makers and doers committed to positive stewardship models that can bring about more change’, and Wild Property, a commercial systemic change and lock in affordability and agent known and trusted by local asset social impact in the long term." owners. [...] expressions of interest that detail the impact-first operators and brokers, as Precedents: Scotland has a Land Fund, STO’s impact and revenue-generating with Historic Coventry Trust, Nudge set up in 2000 to offer grants of up to £1 potential (whether rent or revenue Community Builders and Meanwhile in million, to help communities to access and share), and making a decision using the Oxfordshire.