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22 May 2022


4 5 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION: The regeneration debate – a brief guide Ben Rich and David Boyle It feels good sometimes, when you are a In a comment in the Guardian the week new thinktank – and Radix Big Tent is also after the publication of the white paper – a new kid on the thinktank block - to hit Levelling Up the UK – Julian Coman quoted the zeitgeist. [...] This is a Conservative project for the next decade No, he would have swept aside these grants This is not to suggest that small business and contingent promises and municipalised and builds upon our greatest asset, the needs the same kind of investment as big the local gas company, and have started business – that is the kind of assumption people of the United Kingdom.” wrestling with the question. [...] We were founded in the aftermath of the appalling and Fundamentally, Big Tent has always been tragic murder of Jo Cox and the Brexit on the side of disruption, not the status quo. [...] We still have a Providing faculty with the opportunity US and New Zealand - which are more mentality of what is the minimal amount of a sabbatical in a SME - often their supportive for growth? that we need to grow the business rather SME - after which they can re-enter the Is it that the costs of goods and services than what is the optimal amount of university with no detrimental effect to resourc. [...] The way to establish Urban Programme of the 1980s, the Single technology, education, health and crime Prosperity Fund ‘will be decentralised objectivity in this sphere is not to bang on Regeneration Budget of the 1990s and in parallel at least reflects the fact that to local leaders as far as possible… to about communities as if they were things, the New Deal for Communities of the all these issue.