The Israeli Democracy Index 2021 | The Israel Democracy Institute
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The Israeli Democracy Index 2021 | The Israel Democracy Institute

20 February 2022


The findings in the Jewish sample regarding performance were very similar to the levels of trust for all these institutions, whereas in the Arab sample, the degree of trust in the police, local government, and the media was found to be lower than the assessment of functioning. [...] In this chapter, we present the survey findings regarding the efficiency and fairness of the legal system; the process of judicial selection, and 20 Introduction the factors influencing judges’ decisions; the degree of neutrality of the prosecutorial and judicial systems; the integrity of the legal system; and the role of the Supreme Court. [...] The multi- year average score of the police is virtually identical to that of all the institutions taken together, whereas the multi-year averages of the IDF, the President of Israel, and the Supreme Court are higher than the multi-year average of all the institutions as a whole. [...] The high point in the average yearly trust level among the Jewish public was in 2012, and the low point in 2008, apparently in the wake of the dismal conclusions reached following the Second Lebanon War and the resulting loss of public trust in the government. [...] The IDF, the police, the political parties, and the Knesset are the institutions with the highest degree of consensus among the three camps in terms of trust, and the Supreme Court is where the gap between the two poles (Right and Left) is the largest.

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