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The NHS: Decline and fall, or resurrection? F

3 July 2022


And sadly, all too often politicians go with the flow of such opinions, rather than having the honesty and courage to tell the public that some of the things they think about health and the NHS are wrong. [...] There would need to be significant changes at the top of the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), the way the NHS delivers services, and the approach to public health and social care. [...] It is difficult to see the NHS removing the backlog with more of the same, given the likely state of the public finances and neglect of social care. [...] In a recent House of Lords debate, Lord Stevens – the former NHS England chief executive – drew attention to the fact that the size of the NHS capital programme for the next three years was insufficient to start a hospital building programme of the size promised.22 It is clear that the poor state of some hospitals will require some rebuilding. [...] The governance of policy advice (including on legislation) and the distribution, nationally and locally, of resources for public health should be placed in the hands of a new independent public body, the Office of Public Health (OPH).