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25 July 2022


So by the winter, we're going to have to change the way that we're doing things to be able to just keep going.” Confusion over the price cap. [...] The higher income group were firmly of the view that should be means tested, but with a high threshold - perhaps a household income of £60,000. [...] “It's the people in the middle that have still got all the other bills that seem to get lost in it all.” “It's the middle banding that gets absolutely nothing because the threshold is so tight that the Warm Home Discount, it won't apply to them.” “Well, 40 grand a year in your house is two people on 20 grand isn't it. [...] “I think it should vary on how many people live in your house… because the more people that live there, you'll use more energy.” “I think probably the only fair way would be by the amount of people … You could have, you know four people in a two bed flat or you could have one person in there for that house and they all need different amounts of support for different reasons. [...] But I think the fair way of doing it will be, you know, the amount of people living there.” The lower income group also raised the idea of a payment based on the number of people living in a house - including the idea of a per-person allowance - perhaps set at £100 per person per year.