RESEARCH REPORT PORTHOLES - Exploring the maritime Balkan routes
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RESEARCH REPORT PORTHOLES - Exploring the maritime Balkan routes

20 July 2022


For example, criminal ■ China’s increasing penetration in the region, groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina seem to use the particularly through the port of Piraeus, seems to ports of Ploce and Rijeka, whereas groups in Kosovo be increasing the risk of the import of counterfeit may use the port of Durres. [...] A Chinese company is the majority owner was the purchase of the administration rights for the of the port of Zadar in Croatia, and a large consortium of container terminals of the port of Piraeus in 2008 by the Chinese companies bid around US$1.5 billion for a 50-year state-owned China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) for concession for the container port in Rijeka, Croatia €4.31 billion. [...] It asked the national the port of Bar Free Zone.116 In December 2021, government to strengthen capacity to address the customs instituted 24-hour supervision of goods and illicit market.113 As one of the first steps, the Port of persons in the Free Zone.117 The decision to prohibit Bar JSC adopted a plan to improve security in March the storage of tobacco products in the Free Zone has 2021, which. [...] In 2019, the supreme court crime and corruption in the port.145 acquitted all the accused.142 According to a representative of the Romanian A study conducted by the Romanian Ministry of coastguard, over the past five years, many of the 246 Interior in 2017 included a series of interviews with law criminal cases investigated in the port of Constanta were enforcement officials in which they expresse. [...] The project is part of a bigger plan The port of Durres is state owned and is administered to renovate the Durres waterfront and convert the by the Durres Port Authority on behalf of the Ministry current port into a marina.199 Strong security with weak links The Albanian government designated the Port Authority The port currently has two layers of fencing: the first as the implementing actor for t.

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