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11 Jul 2022

Namayanja, Principal Policy Analyst, Office of the Prime M inister COUNTRY NUTRITION STATUS PROGRESS TOWARDS Annual country nutrition indicators SUN 3.0 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES (SO) from the Global Nutrition Report: S O.1 Strengthen and sustain strong policy and advocacy environments eastern-africa/uganda The Uganda Nutrition Acti. [...] Finance for nutrition Resource mobilization strategy exists SO.3 Build and strengthen country capacity Budget tracking exercise done this year Training packages for cascading the Nutrition Advocacy and Funding gaps identified this year Communication Strategy of the UNAP II have been developed Domestic expenditures on nutrition tracked and various capacity-building activities at the subnational lev. [...] Nutrition Policy Coordination Establishing and supporting the functionality of Nutrition Committees chaired by the Prime Minister were held in support of Coordination Committees at the MDA and local government levels. [...] Five Action Track Working Groups Establishing and supporting the functionality of all SUN networks were supported through leadership at the Office of the Prime with a focus on the SUN Business, Academia and Civil Society Minister. [...] 2021 SHARED COUNTRY GOOD PRACTICE Topic: Mutual accountability Title: Nutrition capacity-building in Uganda About: Accountability for joint planning, reviews and multisectoral meetings is through the annual Nutrition Forum, the high- level platform of the Office of the Prime Minister and Uganda Nutrition Action Plan implementing MDA ministers, implementing partner agency heads and local developmen.
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