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Migration Restrictions in the West: - Some Ethical Concerns

2 August 2022


From the time of the Clinton administration onwards, the US began to systematically build physical barriers along the 3,145 kilometres of the US-Mexico border. [...] Concretely, if there is an asymmetry of opportunities control system between people in the West on the one hand and people in the rest of the world on the creates an ethical other hand, then the institutional arrangements between those two groups of countries predicament for should enhance the opportunities of those in the rest of the world to receive the attribute Western countries of fairness. [...] Far from offering more opportunities to the inhabitants of the rest of the world, the institutional arrangements regulating migration flows have reinforced the inequality of opportunity. [...] Then, not only institutional arrangements related to migration do not enhance the opportunities of those with the lesser opportunity, but they also serve to consolidate the effects of other arrangements that decrease the opportunities of those with the lesser opportunity. [...] The return of camps in Europe could testify on the coercion spiral underlying the rise of the migration control system in the West.