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SPECIAL REPORT - Interpol Needs Improved Financial Transparency to Restore Its Integrity

1 August 2022


While this decline was caused in part by the opening of the Innovation Centre, this facility and the resulting growth of in-kind contributions from Singapore accounted for only a part of the change in Interpol’s funding model, as shown by the fact that the share of Interpol’s expenditure funded by its statutory contributions declined steadily from 2011 through 2015. [...] In response to a question posed by attorney Michelle Estlund, pro- prietor of the Red Notice Law Journal, Interpol stated that: All of the funding from the Foundation to INTERPOL is from the EUR 50 million donation over a five year period…by the United Arab Emirates… It is the Foundation which receives the funds directly from the UAE govern- ment, and the General Secretariat does not have specific. [...] The Bureaus in Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, and Cameroon—three of the four African Bureaus—have a particularly poor collection record, though the record of the Zimbabwean Bureau is the best of the six.92 The Bureaus spend little on pay costs; most of their expenses relate to “Missions and meetings” (€660,000 out of a budgeted total of €1.346 million in operating expenses in 2020); “Office expenses” (€109. [...] It is therefore encouraging that the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 supports “increasing, to the extent practicable, dedicated funding to the [Commis- sion for the Control of Interpol’s Files] and the Notices and Diffusions Task Force in order to further expand operations related to the review of requests for red notices and red diffusions.”161 This reflec. [...] The beneficiaries of Interpol’s substantial donations of equipment should be named, and the value and type of the equipment that each beneficiary has received should be stated, as should the purpose of the donations.