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India’s Leadership at a time of South Asian Flux

30 July 2022


At a time of multiple global disruptions unfolding almost simultaneously, it is easy to forget that South Asia has always been a turbulent region. Political and economic challenges have continued unabated in a region that hosts around a quarter of the world’s population with simmering inter — as well as intra-State rivalries. The great powers have done their bit as well, further muddying the already opaque strategic waters by pitting one nation against the other. Not surprisingly, this has been the least integrated region of the world economically. India’s structural dominance and its overweening presence make it an easy target of resentment, but for external players, New Delhi’s inability to lead in the region has been a major source of bewilderment and often ridicule.


Harsh V. Pant
Professor Harsh V Pant is Vice President – Studies and Foreign Policy at Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. He is a Professor of International Relations with King's India Institute at King’s College London.


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