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Building Resilient Global Value Chain Linkages in India: Findings from an Enterprise Survey

4 August 2022


The risk of supply chain shocks has never been more palpable than today, following compounding crises from the US-China trade war, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. Global Value Chains (GVCs), once viewed as a panacea for economic development, are coming under increased scrutiny in different parts of the world. Increasingly complex, cross-border production processes are exposing companies and populations to a multitude of risks. At the same time, it is becoming clearer that greater integration into GVCs does not inevitably lead to improved economic outcomes or shared prosperity, especially for developing countries.


Terri Chapman
Terri Chapman is Programme Manager at ORF America. Her research interests include urban and regional development, welfare analysis and inequality.

Jhanvi Tripathi
Jhanvi Tripathi is Associate Fellow with ORF’s Geoeconomics Studies Programme. Her research includes international trade policy issues — broadly — digital trade policy, gender and trade, WTO reform, and standards. She also has a keen interest in conflict resolution and negotiation.

Rakesh Kumar Sinha
Mr. Rakesh kumar has done PGDCA (Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application) from CMC, Delhi Centre and CIC(certificate in Computing) from IGNOU, Delhi Centre. He is a Graduate in Statistics from Jodhpur University, Rajasthan. He has worked Under Late Dr. Sanghamitra Das and Dr. Abhiroop >>


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