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Dire Straits? India’s Options In An Invasion of Taiwan

3 August 2022


For the first time in seven decades, the spectre of an invasion of Taiwan looms large. From Chinese military activities aimed at pressuring the island to statements by key American military officials pointing to the possibility of conflict over the Taiwan straits, the signs are ominous. India enjoys a USD 7 billion trade relationship with Taiwan and, like many of the world’s most advanced economies, depends on its supply of cutting edge semiconductors. Should an invasion of Taiwan by hostile regional powers occur and succeed, it may disrupt global supply chains and upend the regional balance of power.What are India’s interests and options in the event of an invasion of Taiwan? How will the prospect of military action in the Taiwan straits shape New Delhi’s engagement with Taipei and other regional actors like Tokyo, Canberra and Washington? How will New Delhi reckon with the growing might of the Chinese military colossus that may threaten peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific?


Rear Admiral (Retd.) Sudarshan Shrikhande
Former Head, Naval Intelligence and Chief of Staff, SNC, Indian Navy

Suhasini Haidar
Diplomatic Editor, The Hindu; Host, WorldView

Rajesh Rajagopalan
Professor, International Politics, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Sana Hashmi
Visiting Fellow, Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation; Affiliated Scholar, the Research Institute for Indo-Pacific Affairs

Antara Ghoshal Singh
Fellow, Strategic Studies Programme, ORF