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CBP Is Expelling Thousands of Infants and Toddlers to Mexico After Midnight

1 August 2022


At 1 a.m. they left us at the bridge in Juárez. I asked them why they would throw us to the streets at night with children, and an agent said, ‘That’s your problem, that is not my problem.’-35‐​year‐​old man from Honduras (interviewed by Physicians for Human Rights)In the dead of night, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is expelling thousands of immigrant infants and toddlers into Mexican border cities that the U.S. State Department says are too dangerous for American tourists. New statistics obtained via a Cato Freedom of Information Act request show that as of May 31, CBP had used its Title 42 “health” authority to expel 30,806 children ages 3 and under—with about 41 percent of these expulsions occurring at midnight or later.



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