CAMEROON - Escalation of the Anglophone crisis - Situation Overview Map of Cameroon
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CAMEROON - Escalation of the Anglophone crisis - Situation Overview Map of Cameroon

21 January 2020


The decision not to participate in the elections and the subsequent attack have heightened tensions in the Northwest and Southwest regions, increasing protection and displacement risks for people living in these regions. [...] This escalation of the Anglophone crisis follows separatists’ 1 December 2019 attempted shooting of a commercial plane landing in the Northwest, and the abduction of around 40 candidates of the parliamentary and municipal elections in the west region on 14 December (VOA 16/12/2019). [...] The crisis because of the upcoming elections is likely to reduce access to displaced Cameroon government’s attempt to play down the severity of the humanitarian populations both in Cameroon and in Nigeria. [...] The warnings for humanitarian actors to conditions, and in some cases deny the existence of humanitarian needs, is likely to halt operations is also a pointer to risk and impediments associated with delivering disrupt humanitarian activities in the Northwest and Southwest (Journal du Cameroon humanitarian assistance to the area. [...] Health Aggravating factors The closure of over 40% of the health centres and the escalation of the crisis because of Refugee returns the elections is likely to intensify the deteriorating health conditions for the over 4 million At the beginning of January 2020, the GoC concluded an arrangement with its Nigerian people living in the English-speaking regions.

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