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9 August 2022


It is therefore anchored by the supreme law of the land and this is evidence of the extreme importance attached to the welfare of the people and their role in development. [...] iii) Constituency Development Fund Act The Constituency Development Fund is governed by the Constituency Development Fund Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act) under which appropriation of monies for the Fund, management, disbursement, utilisation and accountability of the CDF is prescribed; it establishes the CDF Committee (herein referred to as the CDFC), being committees in the constituencie. [...] The Directorates of Planning and Finance in the local authority are mandated to provide the necessary secretarial and accounting services.2 It is important to recognise that this committee is governed by principles set out in the Act for the management, disbursement and utilisation of the Fund, namely transparency, accountability and equity.3 The committee is expected to perform the functions stip. [...] Disbursements will be made from the constituency account subject to the Minister approving projects.7 Procedure dictates that such disbursement will be made in the first quarter of the financial year and the principal officer responsible for finances of the local authority is the one vested with authority to maintain the books for the account.8 The principal officer shall keep all details of recei. [...] This will enable the Minister to lay before the National Assembly a report in respect of the Fund.10 As far as the constituency account is concerned, the office bearers responsible for accountability are the Provincial Local Government Officer, the principal officer responsible for finances of the local authority, the Permanent Secretary responsible for local government and the Member of Parliamen.