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Sclr Learning Analysis - Haiti A review of the survivor and

13 July 2022


The areas of focus in the two Departments were Sud and Grand’Anse: The nature of the microgrant funded services provided by the CBOs included: 1. [...] Given the instability of the Government of Haiti, historical adversarial relationship between the State and CBOs, and the lack of available public finances, the State is not seen as a viable partner. [...] As a result of a history with the many of the targeted areas and the participating CBOs, the FAs were cognizant of the fact that the residents were fed up with the status-quo and that there existed desires for change. [...] CBO leadership and representatives seized the chance to tackle the mental effects of living through the trauma of the earthquake through the micro-grant option. [...] In lieu of aiming to increase the base level of knowledge, the longer-term option, Volunteers can be tasked with providing technical assistance in the form of assisting in the preparation of proposals and the application.