Vaccine-Absorption Blueprint
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Vaccine-Absorption Blueprint

14 December 2021


Months before the arrival of the first vaccines, the Scientific Advisory Group and National Task Force for Covid-19 vaccination began to meet weekly to establish a rollout strategy, identify gaps and mitigate risks in the delivery chain, and make key decisions. [...] 1 1 Settings and Supply Chains: Strategy Strategy: Utilise the largest number of settings in the appropriate locations to reach as many people as possible, and ensure the infrastructure to transport vaccines to each of these settings is in place. [...] Proof of immunisation will allow the travel vaccinations for international travel and the faster reopening of and tourism sectors to reconnect to the global the economy. [...] Share data regionally and globally Track research, evidence and data across the country so that decisions made are in the • Data for a Resilient Africa context of all the relevant information • Strengthening Gender Data can be shared through publication in medical journals or submitted to repositories in Measures and Data in the the Africa CDC or the WHO, so that they contribute to global know. [...] Governments need to • GISAID explore how to support existing African facilities to participate in the production of • New Variant Assessment Platform Covid-19 vaccines by creating incentives for the sector, and by seeking to integrate (NVAP) the capabilities of different countries into the global production chain • World Bank Covid-19 Operational Evaluate the performance of current institutions.

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