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22 February 2022


Microsoft Word - Digital Government Measurement Frameworks.docx DIGITAL GOVERNMENT MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORKS MEASURING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION TARGETING DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION OVERARCHING APPROACH/PRIORITIES FRAMEWORK YEAR TYPE OF SOURCE The Digital Manifesto (focusing on inclusive development) identifies 10 steps for governments to get ahead in the digital age based on the priorities identified Dig. [...] Draft piloted in 8 These are further broken down into 5 building blocks countries in West Africa UNCDF central to the development of a digital economy: (Benin and Senegal), 2019 Diagnostic Tool 1: Enabling policy and regulation Eastern and Southern 2: Open digital payment ecosystem Africa (Uganda and 3: Inclusive innovations Zambia), Asia (Myanmar 4: Empowered customers and Nepal), Pacific (Fiji a. [...] Digital Economy MEASURING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION TARGETING INCREASED PUBLIC SECTOR EFFICIENCY OECD focuses on digital transformation for more open, participatory, and innovative governments. [...] They provide10 recommendations to leverage technology and OECD Digital Toolkit: OECD digital transformation to switch from a citizen-centric to 1: Digital Government Country citizen driven public governance & service approach Policy Framework 2019 Assessments; 2: Digital Government Index government/recommendation-on-digital-government- Index strategies.htm A multi. [...] Inclusive Internet Index 2017 Index Tool allows for simulation to show how country rankings can change with change in individual indicators Focuses on the technology and human dimensions of network readiness by tracking key metrics for use of ICT Initial for development and competitiveness across four pillars: launch: Portulans 1: Technology Network Readiness Index 2002 Index 2: People 3: Governan.