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BRIEFING - Migrants and Housing in the UK

1 September 2022


This is due to the impact that the change in the mode of data collection during the pandemic had on the survey response rate. [...] While the APS aims to be representative of the UK population at the time of data collection, the UKHLS is representative of the UK population in 2015, when a refreshment sample of 2,500 were added to the survey to compensate for attrition of migrant and ethnic minority respondents. [...] UK PAGE 6 BRIEFING: Migrants and Housing in the UK Figure 4 While the differences in the use of social housing between the migrant and UK born populations are relatively small, there have been claims in the popular press that migrants often receive priority status in the allocation of social housing. [...] In general, the shares of net income that migrants and the UK born were spending on rent were not dramatically different, and in both cases were higher in London than in the rest of the UK (Figure 4). [...] Given the lack of information on the prices of the houses that are currently out of the market there remains great uncertainty about the impact of immigration on house prices.